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Plantella Flower



Plantella (Flower) liquid fertilizer for flowering plants represents special liquid fertilizer enriched with 11 vitamins for optimum feeding of all types of indoor and outdoor blooming plants. The optimal composition contains major nutrients and micro nutricients, added organic materials and extracts of sea weed enables healthy growth of blooming plants.


15 ml Plantella (leaf) liquid fertilizers for green plants mixed with 2 liters of water. Plants need to be watered with the solution every week from spring to fall, and every two weeks in winter. If you apply directly to the leaves can be used the same amount only once every two weeks.
Composition: except NPK, the sea weed extract is added: <1%


  • Uniqcomposition
  • stimulate blooming
  • rich with nutrietns  and vitamins

Content: 0.5 l, 1 l
Transport packing: 12 in a pack;

Code: 000800 0.5l, 000802 1l