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Nobody knows pests like we do They are part of the solutions of our company more than 20 years … Be sure …

Protecting your reputation is critical to your success. More than 20 years we  protect your homes, industries, cities and municipalities across the country against pests. Cockroaches, mice and rats, flies, mosquitoes, snakes and other pests are part of your problems.
Today, in combat with pests, more than ever it is necessary not only determine the pest and its destruction but much more. It requires expertise.
For many years, our company has built a team of experts who are involved daily in our expertise who are faced with various problems by our numerous users. This our expertise is recognized by the significant number of customers of different profiles such as hospitals, hotels, various types of  food and drinks producers, schools / kindergartens, municipalities and cities.

Your satisfaction is our goal.

We are your partner for the control and elimination, but it is not all. We help you to identify the problem and the risk before it happens. With our company you can be secure and protected from the unpleasant risk of pests.
We will not be satisfied unless You are satisfied with our services … For clean and healthier environment …