Nobody knows pests like we do… They are part of the solutions of our company more than 20 years … Be sure …

We are your partner for the control and elimination, but it is not all. We help you to identify the problem and risk before it happens. With our company you can be secure and protected from the unpleasant risk of pests.

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Pests! They are a constant threat to your business. They destroy and contaminate food, spread dangerous diseases which are transmitted through food and travel with shipments from your supplier to our  work place. Oncethey attacked, the consequences canbe devastating. You take the risk of judicial lawsuits, possible closure of the business or negative publicity. How will you fight with the threat? How can you protect our business? Since 1994, Primatex helps companies to control pests usinglatest technology and highly trained professionals.

Today, Primatex has won the trust of many companies from various industries.  You can trust that Primatex will provide high quality, reliable service and guaranteed quality. Years of experiencewill be appllied to solve any problem against the Pests.  Give the trust tothe best to control the pests and join the many companies that have made the same choice.

PRIMATEX prides itself that its clients providing the most innovative, the most appropriate and the most qualitative services, providing a real solution to pest control.

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Successful partnership with Primatex begins with understanding of the customer needs and developing  acustomized solution for each client separately.



PRIMATEX offers solutions for pest control of the industrial, agricultural, commercial and domestic sectors. We use various techniquesusing the latest products to protect your health, food and property in the most efficient and environmentally responsible manner. We are fully committed to customer satisfaction and proud of our level of service, so make sure we have a solution to your problem. Ourtechnicians are highly qualified and trained to the highest professional standards, giving you peace of mind and confidence knowingthat your home or business is protected.

Pests are constantly trying to occupy your space

1. Even quite small sanitary vulnerabilities can provide enough food for pests. Cockroaches eat almost everything – from hair to the glue used to close cardboard boxes.

2. Rodents and cockroaches looking for housing that is small and dark. Small cracks and holes in your building can provide a place for living and breeding of pests.

3. Pests can enter your work space in many ways, including doors, windows, ventilation pipes, cracks or holes in walls and floors or through delivery by suppliers.

4. On a daily basis pests need water-fountains, bathrooms, irregular outflows, condensation in the ventilation system and other pipelines that are attractive places for breeding.

5. Rest rooms are critical points of exposure. The protection of your customers and employees of unpleasant and unhealthy exposure to pests is very important for your business – and your success.

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       Exposure Zone 1                     Exposure Zone 2                     Exposure Zone  3

– Food sources                         – Hiding places                          – Places of entry

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        Exposure Zone 4                   Exposure Zone 5

– Availability of water         Premises for clients / employees


DISINFECTION is the primary mechanism for inactivation / destruction of microorganisms.

Mechanical measures – mechanical removal of microorganisms from the working surfaces, objects and working places or preparing space for other measures of disinfection.

Physical measures – implemented by using a dry or wet heat.

Chemical steps – using chemicals – disinfectants.

Focused on the needs of our clients, we provide excellent services since 1994



DESINSECTION is a set of measures for as possible reduction of harmful insect population.

Mechanical measures – clean, timely removal of waste and other materials suitable for breeding of insects, installing barriers, use of baits etc.

Biological measures – the use of natural enemies of instektite – the use of predators or pathogens which act selectively on the target species of pests.

Chemical measures – using chemicals to reduce the number of harmful insects, slowing their growth or their complete destruction

DERATIZATION is a set of different measures to reduce the rodent population below the hazard, preventing their propagation orcompletely destroyed.

Mechanical measures – timely removal of waste and other materials suitable for their propagation, removal of litter, setting nets, use of baits, traps and sticky tapes with or without attractants.

Chemical measures – using chemicals (rodanticidni baits) in order to reduce the population of rodents or their complete destruction

Physical measures – use of ultrasound which prevents their entry or retention in the facilities.

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Our integrated approach to pest management is an ongoing cycle of three key activities

Assessment of the situation

Detailed inspection to detect sanitation problems or structural conditions associated with the occurrence of pests.

Identification of the pest based on the present evidence of their activity


Based on the inspection and assessment of the situation, our experts in collaboration with you will develop a customized programthat meets the specific needs of your facility.

  • Primarily prevention – will begin by removing the risk, cleaning and other non-chemical procedures.
  • Ecological approach – when treatment is required by a particular product, Primatex will choose the formulation that will be undertaken with the least possible impact on the environment.

Effective pest management is a process, not an event.



  • Sanitary consultation – where necessary, consult our experts to ensure that your cleaning really has potential impact on suitableplaces for pests.


Preparation of plans and programs – is made plan by marking bait places in the facilities and based on that plan will be monitored orchecked bait places throughout the year.

Monitoring – During the regular controls, our specialists will check for signs of pest activity, will check whether there are elements that will attract pests and check the efficiency of your program.

Documentation and Communication – After each completed service, our specialist will submit a written report on all services rendered, about possible pests, an action plan to address the situation with all the technical and hygienic  recommendations


One of the most important elements of our program for pest control is widely covered documentation. We document all servicesthat are providedby Primatex. The certificates of all the preparations and complete reports on the treatments and controls will receive.

Primatex is the only DDD service with ISO 9001: 2015 and  ISO 14001 : 2015 certificate in Macedonia.

Primatex is the only internationally recognized company in this field in our country and a member of international organization CEPA.

You are fully protected and insured against any damage caused by our work, or if any of our employees do damage at the place where they work, the insurance covers it.

Pest control under HACCP system

Under the HACCP system, the strategy for pest control must be intended for the prevention of the pest infestation, which is achievedby continuous monitoring of their occurrence and destruction while they are in the initial stage.


Besides pest protection, Primatex in its platform of products enables professional products for the hygiene program at the world’s largest Deversey, which covers a wide range of applications which fully covers the high level of hands and body hygiene,floors hygiene, carpets and surfaces, kitchen hygiene, laundry detergents for professional, cleaning machines, complete hygiene in the food industry and beverages, as well as cleaning tools, different equipment for dosage and application.

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In this segment, we completely cover your request for a higher care level  by training your staff for optimum hygiene level.

Primatex has the solution for your problem

Working with us you get:

  • Satisfaction
  • Help in business
  • Methodological approach
  • Quality service
  • Trust
  • European standards

1.Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance for us.

2. We strive to help our clients in other areas because of our extensive contacts with specialists in various industries, both domestically and abroad.

3. Our approach to solve the problems is methodical, under the rules for the quality of our company. .

4. We guarantee the highest level of quality service,including professionals and experts who are experienced and work closely with our leadership

5. More than 100 companies have given us the trust and cooperate with us in the field of pest management.

6. We work according to accepted European standards and quality systems: HACCP, BRC and GMP, based on respect for the environment