Policy on quality and Environment

The manager determines the Policy on quality and the environment protection in correlation with the Vision and Mission of the Company. With the Policy on quality and environment protection, PRIMATEX expresses the relationship to:

  • The set out goalsbythe CMS and EP through education ofthe staff and new technology monitoring
  • Customers / users,
  • Employees,
  • Owners,
  • Suppliers,
  • Community.

The Manager and the Manager of quality introduce the employees with the Policy of quality andenvironmental protection. Each employee has an obligation to carry out activities aimed at achieving the Policy of quality and environment. Policy of quality and EP are reviewed annually based on the obtained results and / or any changes in operation.

The manager of Primatex determines the following Policy of quality and Environment:

  • Using the most advanced technical solutions to fulfill the overall requirements of the user.
  • Teamwork with continuous education is a priority for all employees.
  • Our partners include top manufacturers in different other segments of the waste disposal
  • We have a professional attitude towards work that contributes to the promotion of overall Primatex group
  • Permanent care towards responsibilities to the community and preserving the environment..


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